Rabu, 07 Desember 2016

Burned Cat Tommy is Rescued from Inside a Car Engine

It’s a miracle that Tommy the cat is even alive: the poor feline was seriously injured and needed surgery after a mistake that could have cost him his life. One day, Tommy randomly crawled into a car engine and somehow survived after the vehicle was driven three miles to a Walmart in Manchester. The cat suffered terrible injuries and had to undergo surgery for severe burns he sustained, receiving 100 stitches. He is currently in recovery mode and will need several weeks until he is better.
After his recovery, the rescued cat will eventually need to find a forever home, but the kinds folks at the Manchester Animal Shelter (who are taking care of the feline) aren’t taking applications for potential new owners at the time and they are awaiting his medical clearance to do so.
Unfortunately, the burned cat’s hospital care comes at a steep price, running over $4000 – and the Manchester Animal Shelter is far from reaching that goal. They have set up a Tonka Fund where people can donate in support of the incredible cat. Named after one of the most horrific cases of animal abuse and neglect the FMAS has ever seen, the fund provides suffering animals and victims of neglect or abuse the necessary medical care. 
via : kittentoob

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