Rabu, 07 Desember 2016

Black cat rescued after being found dumped in car park

The male cat was left in a pet carrier at a car park on Princes Street in Peterhead on Wednesday, June 29.

A nearby worker spotted the abandoned cat and called the police at 5.30pm

Officers from the Scottish SPCA have since taken him in at the animal rescue and rehoming centre in Drumoak and named him Joe.

Inspector Fiona Shand said: "Joe is an unneutered male who was found in a pet carrier at around 5.30am.

"Someone who works nearby spotted him and saw the police going by so alerted them.

"The police then took Joe to the local station before alerting us.

"Unfortunately, there is no CCTV pointing to the area and we are asking anyone who has any information to contact us.

"Joe is now doing well in our care. He is estimated to be around two years old and we think he may have been kept as an indoor cat.

via : stv.tv

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