Sabtu, 10 Desember 2016

Tiny Kitten’s Life Was Spared Thanks To Pokémon Go

Everyone is hearing stories about Pokémon Go and not all of them are heartwarming. However, one player became a hero while out looking for the imaginary little animals. Carey Burns of Orlando, Florida had just downloaded the game and was surprised to find it brought her more than expected. While wandering around her apartment complex, she found a tiny kitten that needed a helping hand.

She was out searching for Pokémon when she heard a strange noise. Not sure what it was, she followed it right to the source – a baby kitten that was very clearly injured and in need of help. With a leg twisted in a very bad way, she scooped up the kitty and took her to Candy’s Cats, a feline rescue group.

The kitten, now named Mewtwo after a Pokémon feline, was badly injured. She was suffering from a fractured pelvis, dislocated hip and was covered in bruises. She was found under a tree and Burns thinks she may have fallen, but no one is really sure what caused the severe injuries.

Fortunately, Mewtwo is getting a new lease on life because of Pokémon Go. Although Burns is unable to keep her permanently, she is fostering Mewtwo until she’s healed up enough to find a forever home. After her broken pelvis heals, veterinarians will perform surgery to fix her dislocated hip. It’s certainly going to take a lot of time and special care, but Mewtwo is in the right hands.

Burns says she’s not letting the injuries get in the way of her life. She’s still able to move around, although she can’t jump just yet. She is grateful she started playing Pokémon Go, or she’d never have found this poor kitten and who knows what her future would have been like then. Mewtwo is expected to make a full recovery and live a long, happy and healthy life. Certainly the best Pokémon Go story we’ve heard so far!

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