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5 signs that your cat can see ghosts

The ancient Egyptions worshiped them as gods, and believed that cats took on a spiritual importance and were considered to be a sacred animal with magical powers.
In some myths, cats are able to walk in and out of the spirit world as they please.
Is it true? Can cats see ghosts? 
Here are 5 signs to look out for. 

cat and ghost

1. The out of nowhere poofy tail and flat ears

You're just sitting there, watching netflix... and you get a sudden chill down your spine. You look over and see your cat doing this...  


Yep... Your cat is looking at a ghost.

2. The stare at seemingly nothing, like the corner of the wall or ceiling

Ever been lying in bed and your cat suddenly perks up and is staring at the ceiling above your head? All the time, right?  

ghost cat

Totally a ghost.  

3. The loud bump in the night but your cat is sitting next to you

We hear bumps in the night and us cat owners know that it must be Fluffy running around doing cat stuff. Then you remember that Fluffy is curled up next to you and you see him staring out towards the dark hallway...


A ghost is messing with your stuff and your cat is watching it happen.

4. Your cat's sudden disappearance and sudden reappearance

One second you see your cat walk into the room, the next second, he's gone.

cheshire cat gif

You call and look everywhere... but no signs. You check their usual spots, above the kitchen counters, under the bed, in the cat tree, the litter box... nothing.  

This is simple. Your cat has found the portal into the ghost dimension and curiosity got the best of him. Don't worry - he'll return. Cats can come and go as they please. Shake some treats and your cat will suddenly appear in front of you again.  

5. Growling or hissing at something invisible  

You're just minding your own business, sipping a glass of wine and watching The Walking Dead when your cat stares behind you and begins to hiss... even worse... growl.  


Of course you're home alone... but you feel the hairs on your neck rise.  
Your cat sees something... a ghost? Or something worse?...
Can your cat see ghosts? Share and let us know!

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