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Starving street kitten to loving house cat - this is what love can do!

This poor little kitten was wondering the streets alone, scared, and hungry. A kind woman scooped her up and took her home, and she's been thriving ever since!

Meet Tiger!

tiger the kitten 1

"My sister was out for dinner when she found this kitty walking across the street," Jesse shared on imgur

tiger the kitten 2

"She was brought home where she was fed and quarantined in the bathroom until we could get her to the vet. Our parents were adamant that she was not going to be staying with us permanently, and that we would be dropping her at the vet in the morning."
Tiger had other plans.

tiger the kitten 3

Tiger was very attached to Jesse and her sister, and would follow them everywhere. 
This little cute fluff eventually won over their parents as well, even if they wouldn't admit it at first. 

tiger the kitten 4

They took Tiger to the vet and the vet confirmed that she had cat flu and a belly full of worms.

tiger the kitten 5

She was given medication, needles, and eventually a microchip.
After Tiger became fully healthy, she started to take over the house.

tiger the kitten 6

"My noms!"

tiger the kitten 7

"My couch!"

tiger the kitten 8

Tiger wasn't supposed to stay too long, but as cats do, Tiger stole everyone's hearts.

tiger the kitten 9

tiger the kitten 10

image: http://www.iizcat.com/uploads/2016/12/afus6-st11.jpg
tiger the kitten 11

Now, almost a year later, she's happy and comfortable... and here to stay. :)

tiger the kitten 12

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