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Four kittens dumped at skate park are now thriving thanks to good Samaritans

The cute litter of four were found in a bin bag at Ipswich’s skatepark in the UK and taken in by Orwell Vetinary Group’s Grange Farm. “They were brought in on Thursday, June 25 at around 10pm,” Veterinarian Zoe Armes said via the East Anglian Daily Times

“They came into our out of hours service. They were only a couple of days old.”  
“The vet who was on call took them home and gave them kitten milk every two hours,” she added.
“The day after we drew up a rota with different staff members taking them home each day.”  
They have nursed the kittens back to health and the little furry ones are thriving.   


The good Samaritans who found the kittens transferred them into a box lined with a jersey and took a taxi to the vet’s so the kittens could receive the help they needed quickly.  
“They did a really good job,” Armes said.   
Watch the video below!

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