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Couple Refuse to Give Up on Paralyzed Cat Even When Told Many Times to

A Persian cat was found on the street dragging his back two legs in a city of Egypt. When a kind woman found him, she took him in and began to seek help.
Meet Lieutenant Dan!

"Lt. Dan was found by an animal rescuer, Manar, in Egypt. She quickly reached out to everyone on Facebook and her post caught my eye," Athina, fosterer ofJerseyCats, told Love Meow
"I knew there was something we could do so Lt. Dan came to the United States."
First two vets had very little hope and recommended euthanasia but that was not an option for Athina. "I knew I couldn't do that because Lt. Dan was just a purring kitten."
Despite not being able to walk, the kitty was in good spirits and just kept on purring. "He didn't know any different, all he wanted to do was play and cuddle."
Courtesy: @rukasthecat

Knowing the kitty wasn't suffering, Athina found a neurologist, Dr. Farabaugh from Oradell Animal Hospital, who would perform surgery to stabilize his spine.

During physical therapy, he was eager to play. A bit of treats made him a very happy kitty!

After many treatments and vet visits, Lt. Dan thrived and completely healed in two months.
They gave him a little bunny toy to cuddle with, and he loved it and purred up a storm.
Courtesy: @rukasthecat

"Now he's the happy and healthy kitty we knew he could be," Athina told Love Meow. "Lt. Dan still scoots around but his leaking is under control. I have been working with a classmate to make Lt. Dan a wheelchair!"
Lt. Dan insists to cuddle while his foster dad is on the computer.
Courtesy: @rukasthecat

His loving nature has inspired everyone who came across him.
There hasn't been a day gone by without purring and snuggling from this brave little guy. Lt. Dan just keeps on giving.
Courtesy: @rukasthecat

Lt. Dan snuggles up for a nap with his foster dad.
Courtesy: @rukasthecat

A few months after he arrived in the US...
What a difference love can make!
Courtesy: @rukasthecat

"He was flown into the US to get spine surgery and live a better life. Lt. Dan has overcome so many obstacles all while purring."
They refused to give up on him despite what they were told. Now he's the happiest kitty he can be!
Courtesy: @rukasthecat

Lt. Dan loves to play and nothing slows him down.
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