Minggu, 04 Desember 2016

Kitten Rescued By A Biker From Traffic Asks Him To Be Her Dad!

A tiny kitten was abandoned in a busy street. The kitten was trying to cross the street in the middle of the busy traffic and she was in a big danger.
Two bikers noticed her and they immediately slowed down. “Cats are my weakness, I can’t just leave it here,” Shephard, the kitten’s rescuer said. They put the kitten in Shephard’s helmet that was strapped on the back of his bike. This was the safest way to transport her.
On his way home Shephard stopped several times to check in the kitten was Ok. He took the kitten to his home and he fed her by syringe as she wasn’t able to eat alone. The kitten had a respiratory infection but she was treated for a few days and she recovered.

Initially Shephard was thinking to find a home for the kitten but the kitten got very attached with him so he changed his mind and decided to adopt her.
“She happens to be a very lovely kitty. She follows me around and always wants to be with me,” Shephard said. Now she is a playful and happy kitten! Watch the cute kitten’s touching story:

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