Minggu, 04 Desember 2016

Helpless Kitten Rescued by Heroic Man !!

A man noticed a kitten caught in flood waters in Tallinn, Estonia. It was a a heavy storm that flooded the city. Poor kitten was stranded in the middle of a flooded street.
The young man went immediately into the rescue mission! He scooped up the kitten who was so happy to be taken out from that water. The man crossed the street holding the kitten in his hands and brought the kitten into his car.
After the rescue the kitten was safe and warm. The kind man didn’t stop there and he started to look for a home for the small beauty. The kitten was named Tilk, meaning ‘drop’ in English. Tilk was lucky to find a wonderful human who adopted him and who is offering him the beautiful life that he deserves!
via : landsofcat

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