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Blind cat goes to shelter to pick out a friend he so desperately wanted. Now they're inseparable!

This blind cat was sad and lonely at home, so his human parents took him to the shelter to pick out a new friend. 
Now the two are inseparable!

Meet Martin the cat!

martin the cat

"I adopted him after he his surgery that removed what remained of his ruptured eyes. He was a little lonely at first but we took him to the local Shelter and let him adopt a pet. Now he and Mr. Pinkerton are best buddies," Martin's mom shared on reddit. 

martin and mr. pinkerton

"When Martin arrived in our home we tried to introduce him to our 14 year old Miss Kitty. Unfortunately Miss Kitty was an only cat for 14 years and she immediately vowed to hate Martin's guts for the rest of her life."

Miss Kitty (aka little grump ball)

miss kitty

"This made blind Martin very sad. He cried outside her bedroom door every day while she stood on the other side hissing and being very angry that he existed.
We decided the only thing left to do was make a trip to the local Shelter. We explained the problem and how we wanted to adopt but needed Martin to meet the potential family member before we brought him or her home. After All, the last thing we needed was to have three cats who couldn't stand each other! They gave us access to a "greeting" room designed for this very thing!
We ran home and gathered Martin and off we went. We did have to pass the barking dogs but Martin-who had lived on the streets for several months-was not bothered by the barking.
Several potential cats were brought in. We first tried a kitten. He had zero interest in that. Then a rather skittish orange tabby came in but they stayed on opposite sides of the room.
Then comes this pretty two year old tuxedo cat. They smelled each other and touched noses. He knew. And we knew that this was the guy. We named him Mr Pinkerton and Martin brought him home."

martin and mr. pinkerton cuddling

"We paid the adoption fee and these boys are now inseparable. Miss kitty begrudgingly tolerates them but now they have each other!"

martin and mr. pinkerton atop the clock

"He used the tree next to the clock. He gets to the second level, reaches his paws up to the top of the clock then pulls himself up. He was chasing Mr Pinkerton the first time it happened. I did not see it. I was in the living room when I heard....a thud?, more like a thump. I looked up and there he was. I assume he heard Mr. P up there and had to go check it out for himself. Watching him climb down just about wrecked my nerves though."
They love to hang out in the garden together.

martin and mr.pinkerton

They cuddle with each other all the time. 

martin and mr. pinkerton cuddling by the fire

Martin is so glad to have Mr. Pinkerton in his life. He loves his best buddy.

martin and mr. pinkerton cuddling

source : iizcat

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