Selasa, 15 November 2016

Abused and neglected blind cat finally finds the love she deserves

This beautiful Persian cat was left blind thanks to the neglect and abuse from a pet shop. But, then her rescuers arrived, and she found love in her world of darkness.  


Moet the cat was brought to a pet shop in Oman and the conditions were horrible. Moet was living in a dirty cage with no food, barely any water, and not even a bed to lay down on. All she wanted was a home with a family that loved her, but time went on and she continued to be stuck in that disgusting cage. 
The animals were all in close quarters, so disease spread quickly. 
Moet caught cat flu from another cat and she got really sick. She wasn't offered any medical attention and her condition worsened each day. In her days of confinement, the colors around her became fuzzy and murky, until one day she opened her eyes and only saw darkness. 
She was so miserable, sick, and tired... that she wanted to lay down and never wake up. 


Suddenly and abruptly, her cage opened one day and someone reached in and grabbed her. She was too weak by this time and couldn't move a muscle.
Moet was then in another carrier and taken to a safe place with a warm bed, fresh cold water and the most delicious food she's ever eaten.
Moet was freed by a group of animal rescuers and they gave her something she'd never had - love. 
They comforted her, talked to her in calm and kind voices, and rubbed her head soothingly. Moet started to purr for the first time in her life.


After a trip to the vet, Moet had surgery to remove her infected eyes. No more pain! 
She got stronger each day, her appetite had fully returned, and she showed her rescuers what a loving and happy kitty she was. They wanted to make sure they found her a wonderful home. 


Six days after her surgery, Moet was visited by a kind young woman. 
As soon as Moet heard her voice, she immediately flopped down and rolled over on her back, exposing her fluffy belly at the voice she heard.
"Yes, I'll take her," the woman said. 


Two days later, Moet was on her way to her new home!


Even without her eyes, Moet knows what to do when she encounters a box.
"If I fits, I sits."


It's now been over a year since Moet has found her furever home. She has a fury brother and sister now as well, who are also rescues.


She feels love every single day and Moet is grateful to be part of a family.
She had to wait a long while, but Moet has finally come home. 


Cats with special needs want homes too. Remember to adopt and don't shop!

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