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Blind Cat Becomes His Human's Shadow, Follows Her Everywhere She Goes

Scooter the ginger cat has become his human's shadow and follows her everywhere she goes. He just happens to not have eyes. 
This beautiful 9-year-old ginger tabby is a real love bug. He doesn't need eye sight to steal hearts because he stole his human's.

blind cat becomes shadow of his human follows her everywhere
Courtesy of Annie Tennyson @scootertheblindcat
Scooter was surrendered to the shelter in poor condition. "(He) had some very serious eye issues when we received the call for help from a local overcrowded shelter (in New Jersey)," Delaware County SPCA said.
The shelter vet couldn't keep his eyes, but saved his life. While the ginger cat was healing, he wanted every once of attention he could get according to Delaware County SPCA (Facebook).

"We can tell you that not having their sight never stops these courageous kitties from getting around, learning the ropes and being the best companion you could hope for."

Scooter found his forever home!

Annie Tennyson saw Scooter on Facebook and instantly fell in love. She went to the shelter the next day right when they opened, so she could spend some time with Scooter.

"When I first met him it was great! I sat down on a chair and set him down in my lap. He didn't move a muscle. Scooter just sat there the entire time and let me pet him," Tennyson told Love Meow.

"It was exactly what I was looking for in a cat- a friend. I instantly knew that he was meant to come live with me!"

blind cat becomes shadow of his human follows her everywhere

"The first day he was a little nervous, but that didn't stop him from exploring!

"Now that he's gotten the layout down and knows where everything is, he's just always sitting next to me," Tennyson said. 

blind cat becomes shadow of his human follows her everywhere

This eyeless wonder cat has become his human's shadow, following her everywhere she goes.
"Every morning when I wake up I'll immediately call for him and he'll come running (if he's not already in my room). He will jump up in my bed (only took him one day to learn) and sit right on my chest and demand to be pet! He'll lay there with me until it's time for me to leave.

"When I come home, he's waiting for me and will walk right behind me into the living room, jump on the sofa, and stick out his paw to find me. If I'm too busy looking at my phone or the tv, he'll lightly tap my arm until I start to pet him. Basically if I'm home, he's next to me," Tennyson told Love Meow.

blind cat becomes shadow of his human follows her everywhere

"Cats with disabilities are just as wonderful as those without!"

Scooter doesn't let anything slow him down.

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