Rabu, 02 November 2016

Abused cat gets rescued and learns to love and trust again

For every bad person out there... there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of really good ones.  
An awesome guardian rescued this kitty from an abusive home and wouldn't give up on her timid and scared tendencies. Now, everytime he comes to visit Fancy the cat, she snuggles with him and won't let him go.
 “My rescue cat stayed with my parents when moved out, she gets so clingy when I visit!” he wrote via reddit.


“Due to her last home being very abusive, her emotional state is very quirky. It took me about three months to get her to come out from under the bed. I placed her food and water and litter box under there until she was ready. She’s been with my parents for nearly two years and they spoil her rotten, plus her Boston Terriers love Fancy to death.
When I moved in with my wife she had a little dog that plays way to rough and I fear Fancy would not be able to handle him. Every time I visit my parents I spend as much time as possible with Fancy.”


Fancy is now treated and spoiled like a princess. :)
We're grateful for those out there who continue to give us faith in humanity.

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