Jumat, 04 November 2016

Abandoned Tiny Kitten Found In Field Was Rescued By Woman, Then And Now...

Joan Bowell found Chili the kitten on a field, near the place she lives in on a little Greek Island, where she also fosters other cats she has rescued over the years. One night she was feeding her cats when she heard some meowing, which eventually led to finding poor Chili, looking in very bad condition with his eyes almost glued shut from a bad infection.
Upon finding Chili, Joan quickly tried to clean his eyes and provide some medical care and kitty formula since it looked like he hadn’t eaten in several days. “Within 14 hours his eyes have gone from being shut closed as if glued and now to both eyes being open,” shared Joan. Chili made a slow but sure recovery, getting lots of love from his cat siblings, which Joan introduced to him so he could cheer up and his immune system could evolve.
“I think he had already entered into the ‘twilight zone’ when I found him but he’s got an amazing fighter spirit and has already made an incredible recovery!”

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