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She Found An Abandoned Kitten Inside A Trash Bag, And What She Did Next Brought Me To Tears.

Aline Martins was walking her dog through her Rio De Janeiro neighborhood when she noticed a trash bag moving in the breeze. Initially, she thought nothing of it, but as she passed by, she started to hear an alarming sound coming from the bag.
It sounded a lot like tiny, strained meows.
After untying the tough knots that held the bag closed, Aline discovered a dirty, wet kitten in serious need of help.
Facebook / Aline Martins

Careful to let the kitten calm down a bit first, she soon raced him home to give him the care he needed. 
Facebook / Aline Martins

She began by giving him a warm bath.

Once finished, he was introduced to his temporary bed. From the moment he touched the blankets, he was purring.
Facebook / Aline Martins

See what happened next!

Aline began feeding him with a syringe, and it wasn’t long before he seemed like a whole new kitten.
Facebook / Aline Martins
Shortly after moving him on to dry food, Aline gave the kitten the name “Davi.”
Facebook / Aline Martins

In just about a week, Davi was fully recovered, ready to move on from his past and into a new and happy life!
Facebook / Aline Martins
Now, Davi has lots of brothers and sisters to play with.
Facebook / Aline Martins
For every person that would do something awful to a sweet kitten like Davi, there’s another who will drop everything to give a new home to an animal in need. Thank you, Aline!
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