Selasa, 06 Desember 2016

Mother cat and 5 kittens found in box taped shut, dumped

A mother cat and her five kittens were found inside a cardboard box which had been taped closed and dumped behind a Huber Heights Middle School.
Luckily, the mother of a student at the school discovered the abandoned cats and took them in.
Thanks to social media posts on Facebook, the mother cat and her kittens will soon be going to a foster home.
They are still too young to be adopted.
It’s believed who ever placed the cats inside the box and taped it closed, left them to die, and didn’t intend for them to be discovered.
According to the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center, it is a crime to abandon or dump animals like the cats found in the sealed box in Huber Heights.
People who find themselves in a situation where they can no longer keep an animal have options other than abandonment.
The Animal Resource Center will take in stray cats, but you do have to pay a nominal fee.
Some local animal rescue groups are another source. The Facebook group “Dayton Ohio and surrounding area lost and found pets,” helps people locate pets and is an online community which offers advice on how to place an unwanted pet and is a no-kill alternative.

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