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Man Saves Homeless Kitten, the Kitty Returns the Favor by Protecting His Son

A man saved a tiny stray kitten, who was crying for help, and now the kitty returned the favor by guarding and protecting his son.
Meet Doug the kitten!
Courtesy: Jessica Davis

Matt Davis' daughter found a sad little kitten crying under the porch at daycare. As soon as the kitty saw the man, he began to follow him around and wouldn't let him go.
"My husband found Doug while dropping our daughter at daycare. It was pouring raining that day and the kitten had taken refuge under the covered porch," Jessica Davis told Love Meow.
"My daughter said there was a sad kitty crying as he dropped her off. Doug immediately followed my husband (Matt) back to the car."
The kitten was all alone, so Matt scooped him up and brought him home. "He said he was so pathetic and skinny he couldn't just leave him."
The little buddy was very hungry as if he hadn't eaten for a while. After a bath, a lot of good food, and some much-needed cuddles, the kitten perked up and couldn't stop purring.
Courtesy: Jessica Davis

"We were intending to find his possible home. After asking around the neighborhood it became apparent that he didn't live in the area," Jessica told Love Meow.
After a trip to the vet, the 12-week-old kitten got a clean bill of health. Not only did he fit right into his new home, but he became quite attached to the tiniest person in the family.
Courtesy: Jessica Davis

When Matt sat down to give his son Rowan a bottle, something adorable ensued.
"My son Rowan was eating and Doug came right up and made biscuits on him and laid down. Rowan stroked his ears. They were very gentle with each other," Jessica told Love Meow.
The two little buddies bonded instantly and have become inseparable friends ever since.
Courtesy: Jessica Davis

"He watches him while he eats, plays with him during tummy time and, meows when he cries. It's adorable," Jessica said.
"Doug has become an instant part of our family, purring and curling up on us. Now he follows us around the house, sleeps on my head and purrs."
They gave a little tuxedo kitten a loving home, and now he is giving back in spades.
Courtesy: Jessica Davis

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