Sabtu, 03 Desember 2016

Man finds frozen cat on his porch, and then a miracle happened

It didn't look good when this man found a frozen ginger kitty lying on his porch... and he feared the worst. 


“The temperature was below freezing for weeks and had wind chills below 0 degrees F. Elsa was frozen to the point that only a paw was moving the slightest bit. I wasn’t sure if there was any hope…” YouTuber Familytime said. 
But he brought her inside and gave her a warm bath... and to his surprise, she meowed! He then had hope!


After a few hours, Elsa started to purr and come around!


She was very hungry and gobbled up her dinner. 


She even used the litter box they made her.


After a vet check up, she is surpringly in good health and doing very well!


via love meow

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