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Dumped and Near Death, Keith Is Finally Safe

When a kind man spotted Keith on a farm, struggling to walk, he took him to Tree House Humane Society, where the staff learned the shocking story of a cat who was passed from hand to hand until he was finally dumped and almost died.Here is Keith’s story, as told by his rescuer’s at the Tree House Humane Society of Chicago, which specializes in the rescue and rehabilitation of sick and injured stray cats. 

“Knowing Keith needed help, and afraid he might become prey to coyotes, this kind individual brought Keith to Tree House. X-rays revealed that Keith’s leg had been completely broken just above his hock (or ankle). The pain this poor cat must have endured as he attempted to walk, his foot lying sideways, is unimaginable. His microchip was registered to another rescue group; however, upon contacting them, they were hesitant to help, and we transferred his records to 

Tree House to take on his care.As Keith’s story unfolded, we learned more about the tragedy of his continued relinquishments and abandonment. His original adopter had given him away approximately four months earlier. This person then gave Keith away to a coworker, who in turn handed him off to another. This poor cat was given away several times until someone eventually abandoned him near the farm where he was found.Keith’s recovery will take several months, so we placed him in a foster home where he has a quiet place to heal. We remain hopeful for his full recovery and the use of his leg.

Keith has a sweet and rambunctious nature which is a joy for everyone who meets him. In his condition, he would not have made it outside on his own for long, and it is horrifying to think of his fate with coyotes nearby. Fortunately, he is now safe and on the mend and will have a chance at finding a forever home.”

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