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ZombieCat and FrankenKitten, two disabled kittens, reminds us all that each life is worth saving

Two tiny orphaned kittens with special needs have found each other and have become the best of friends. 
They complete each other in special way.

Meet Ozzy ZombieCat and PeekaBoo FrankenKitten!

ZombieCat and FrankenKitten
Adrienne Harrington of TNR Feral Cat Initiative of NC 

Ozzy the black kitten was born with "Swimmer's Syndrome" where he drags his hind legs to the side when he moves. One of his eyes is blind because it never fully developed. He was put in a local shelter where he was faced with an uncertain fate.
PeekaBoo the tiny gray kitten was found in poor shape at just 3 weeks old. She was malnourished and had a severely infected eye, which was removed to save her life.
The little fur buddy is grateful to be on the mend.
"They were rescued separately, both orphans, by themselves - no siblings or mother cat with them, from the same urban area of Greenville, North Carolina that isn't ecologically healthy for them or any of the cats there," Adrienne Harrington of TNR Feral Cat Initiative of NC told Love Meow.
Harrington took the kittens so that they could get the medical attention they need and have a better chance at finding a home.

zombiecat and frankenkitten posing for the camera
Adrienne Harrington of TNR Feral Cat Initiative of NC

Soon after she took them in, their friendship blossomed.  
"They stayed with each other while recovering. Though Ozzy cannot walk, he can move and play well with his front legs since he had to survive to 4 months of age alone outside."

ozzy the cat
Adrienne Harrington of TNR Feral Cat Initiative of NC

"PeekaBoo was very weak, only 8 ounces. We didn't know if she would recover from surgery..."
As soon as she was placed with Ozzy, the tiny puff of ball perked up.
"Ozzy got the best of her at first, but now she has gotten stronger. She likes to play-attack him, and has a funny habit of wagging her tail and wiggling her ears."

peekaboo kitten after surgery
Adrienne Harrington of TNR Feral Cat Initiative of NC

They have become an inseparable pair.  
"We're going to be working on a therapy wheelchair to see if we can train his leg muscles and give him some strength to be able to walk and not drag his legs," Harrington said. "He actuallly gets around very well being inside and has learned to climb, play fetch and use a litterbox."
Peekaboo is recovering well and getting all the love and attention at her foster home.

peekaboo getting pet

The two buddies had a rough start in life. Both can't see through one eye and both require special needs, but together they complete each other.
"We're hoping to find the perfect home that can take both of them together. They're just as wonderful as normal kittens and have overcame so much."

ozzy and peekaboo cuddling
Adrienne Harrington of TNR Feral Cat Initiative of NC

These two are a touching reminder that each life is worth saving. 

source : iizcat

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