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Woman rescues kitten trapped in wall, finds four more including mom, and they all have extra toes!

polydactyl kittens

So many toe beans!
A kind hearted woman heard teeny meows coming out from her wall. After ripping it open, a tiny polydactyl kitten trapped inside fell into her arms. A couple weeks later, she found four more kittens with extra toes in her garage.

wally the kitten
Pets Lifeline of Sonoma Valley

The woman from Sonoma is a caregiver to a feral cat colony, and when she heard meows coming out from her walls, she knew she had to get the kitten out to safety.
The little guy was named Wally, who was a polydactyl orange and white tabby.  
The kind lady took the kitten to a pet supply store to seek help as her local rescue group,Pets Lifeline of Sonoma Valley (Sonoma, CA), was closed for the evening.
"Bobby, the store manager of Pet Food Express Sonoma and my partner, offered to foster Wally," Michael Davis said.
But to everyone's surprise, two weeks after the rescue, the lady, who saved little Wally, found the rest of the litter in her garage. They are all ginger and white and all have extra digits on their paws.

polydactyl kittens
Pets Lifeline of Sonoma Valley

The woman brought the litter to Pets Lifeline for immediate care, and went home to search for their mother. A day later she found her and of course she was a polydactyl too!
She then brought mama back to be reunited with her kittens.  

mama cat with her kittens
Pets Lifeline of Sonoma Valley

"When we put them together she was still upset (from the trip), but shortly settled in with her babies," Sara of Pets Lifeline of Sonoma Valley told Love Meow.
wally the kitten with extra toes
Pets Lifeline of Sonoma Valley

"They are doing well. Kittens are getting bigger and eating kitten food," Sara said. "When they are weaned they will go into foster until ready to be spayed/neutered."

wally the kitten snuggling
Pets Lifeline of Sonoma Valley

The mama cat will also be spayed when she's ready.
As for little Wally, he's growing up fast and is incredibly affectionate.

wally the kitten looking adorable
Pets Lifeline of Sonoma Valley

"He is playing with toys almost non-stop and is already accepted by our other cat, Zeek," Davis said.
No one is quite sure how the little guy found himself trapped inside a wall… but he’s now living the good life.  
Wally has now become the official kitty for Pet Food Express Sonoma, getting all the love and attention from the locals.

wally the kitten
Pets Lifeline of Sonoma Valley

"We hope that his brothers and sister get adopted to loving and caring homes, and afforded the save level of care we are able to provide!
"I love having a polydactyl kitten, he's already 'grabbing' and I look forward to many years of mischief and companionship!"
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