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Woman adopts senior cat, then returns to shelter to rescue his old friend

When two senior cats, 11-year-old Mojo and 16-year-old Max, were dropped off with Anne Arundel County Animal Control, in Maryland, their outlook didn't look good.
Senior cats are less likely to get adopted, and poor Mojo and Max were best friends but had to separated into different cages according to shelter policy.
Max on the left and Mojo on the right. 

max and mojo
Friends of Anne Arundel County Animal Control, Inc. 

About a month ago, a kind lady came in and adopted Mojo. She gave him a loving home, but she couldn't bear the thought of leaving his best friend Max to possibly spend the rest of his golden years in a cage. 
"Mojo has been a wonderful pet, she said, but she couldn’t get Max out of her mind. ‘The idea of him living out his life in a cage just broke my heart,’ she said," the shelter wrote via Facebook. 
The day after Christmas, she returned to the shelter to take home Max!
The shelter captured this wonderful moment.

max being taken home
Friends of Anne Arundel County Animal Control, Inc. 

Max and Mojo are finally reunited again, where they can both enjoy their senior years in a warm home with plenty of love. 

max and mojo together again
Friends of Anne Arundel County Animal Control, Inc. 

Moments like this, which may seem small and insignificant to some, are the world to these shelter animals. 
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