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This Poor Stray Cat Cant Walk Because His Dead Leg, And Then ...

This poor stray — emaciated, covered in scars, and dragging his dead leg through the streets of Komotini, Greece — was posted on Facebook in this heart wrenching video. He could barely walk, and you can tell that he’s in dire need of help

Thankfully, Nafsika Kornilou of the Second Chance Animal Rescue Society, or SCARS, saw the video and knew she had to step in ASAP. They collected donations from volunteers and flew the cat to Athens, all the way across the country. They decided to name him Frog, in hopes that one day he could transform into “the prince he always wanted to be.” He was going to need a lot of luck, and a lot of care.

“The wound on his paw was very smelly, and he was dragging the back leg, which had taken awkward and unnatural positions,” Korniliou said.

They tried to figure out exactly what happened to Frog’s leg. An orthopedic surgeon took some X-rays of his leg and debated about what the best course of action was.

“His pelvis was broken and was stuck, not in the right way,” Korniliou said. “The back leg has no feeling from knee down.” Ultimately, they decided that they had to amputate the leg. Frog was put on a strict regimen of antibiotics and vitamins, and began to devour food like he had never eaten before.

The surgery revealed a shocking detail. A bullet was lodged near his spine, turning his leg into a useless lump of flesh.

Frog must have been through a lot, despite being such a young cat. Nobody knows the full story, but his body and spirit have lived to tell the tale. His tenacity is a testament to his strong desire to live and thrive no matter what has happened in the past.

He walks just fine on three legs now, and has gained enough weight to be considered healthy. Go Frog go!

Beautifully, SCARS has this to say about their mission: “Frog has lust for life. Who can tell him that it’s not possible? Who can tell him that only the beautiful, the healthy, the unbroken have the right to live? Who can tell him that only the ones with perfect physical appearances have the chance to find a family? SCARS will do everything possible to chance his life.”

Thanks to the tireless efforts of organizations like SCARS, cat lovers can rest easy. Korniliou used the power of social media to find this poor stray, and then used all her available resources to save his life. Visit the SCARS website to learn about how you can help this inspiring organization help Frog and other cats in need, and please SHARE this inspiring story with your friends and family.

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