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This cat was so matted, she didn't even look like a cat...

scarlett with terrible matted fur

A woman was out driving one night in Hampton Bays, New York, when she spotted a mysterious animal sitting in the middle of the road not moving. 
She got out of her car to see if she could try to help the animal, and then discovered it was a cat. 

scarlett the cat with terrible matted fur
Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation

The cat, later named Scarlett, was so matted it was hard to even tell that she was in fact a cat.
Scarlett was taken to Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation (SASF), where staffers were shocked by her condition. 

scarlett with pounds of added hair
Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation

"She had pounds of added hair. It was the worst matted cat I have ever seen in my seven years with the shelter," Linda Goldsmith, head of the Advo-Cat program at SASF, said in a press release sent to The Dodo. "The matts were so bad, she was unable to walk or hardly move."
Scarlett was infested with fleas, ticks and ear mites, and was extremely dehydrated and starved. She was also a senior cat, and was about 15 years old. She hasn't been taken care of for a very long time.

scarlett with terrible matted fur
Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation

After hours of shaving and grooming, a beautiful cat was revealed underneath the matted coat.

scarlett with her fur shaved
Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation

With IV fluids, a good meal and a lot of TLC from everyone at the medical team, Scarlett was looking like a brand new kitty.

scarlett looking happy and clean
Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation

"We are so happy we found Scarlett in time and thank you to the Good Samaritan who brought her to us," Kate McEntee, director of public relations and marketing at SASF stated. "She is healing well and is ready for a loving family to adopt her."

scarlett ready for a new home
Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation

source : iizcat

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