Sabtu, 26 November 2016

Severely injured cat with no tail, ears found in Queens

He may have used up eight of his nine lives, but this little cat is a fighter.
Seasoned animal rescuers were horrified by the injuries they found on the young black cat plucked off a Queens street on Friday afternoon.
He was missing his tail, his ears and part of his two hind legs. The wounds had long healed, but some believe the friendly kitty was tortured.

“Animals will never cease to amaze me,” said rescuer Mary Tschinkel who runs Friendly Ferals in Forest Hills. “After all he has been through, he lets you hold him and he purrs. He’s a love.”
Tschinkel said she was contacted by staffers at the ASPCA clinic on 83rd St. in Glendale after they saw him hobbling on the sidewalk.
He was checked out by a veterinarian. Tschinkel named him Bruce after actor Bruce Willis.
“He’s a tough guy,” she said. “He’s a fighter.”
Tschinkel is hoping to find the perfect match for Bruce, a quiet home without other pets or children.
via : nydailynews

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