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Poor kitten miraculously survives violent life as bait for dog fighters

We hate doing stories like this, but we do so to inform and warn our fans of what's out there. It absolutely breaks our hearts. 
This sweet but terrified kitten survived a life of unimaginable abuse and torture. Smurf the kitten was dropped off at the San Jose animal shelter this week.


His fur was not only dyed purple, but he was covered in bite marks, abrasions, burns, and other injuries.


Rather than euthanizing Smurf, the shelter alerted the Nine Lives Foundation, a rescue center for injured and abused cats run by veterinarian Monica Rudiger.
Sadly, she's seen this too many times to count. Smurf's injuries were consistent with a shocking but little-known practice - people using kittens as live bait for dogs being trained to fight.


"I don't know what happened to him, but my best guess is that he was used as a chew toy. We have a cat with multiple puncture wounds and abrasions," Rudiger told The Dodo. "He can't tell us what happened to him, but I've seen this before. I've seen kittens be used as bait and chew toys for other animals. It makes sense to me."
The use of kittens for live bait can be preventable Rudiger says. 


"In our area, cats are used as bait for pit bulls every day. It's just horrifying," she said. "That's why you don't offer free kittens out on the internet — they use them for whatever they want. Who knows what Smurf's story was? I wonder about all the other kitties we don't get to save."
Smurf does seem like he's recovering, but he'll always bear the terrible marks of abuse probably for the rest of his life. 
"We'll never get that purple dye out of him. He's been shaved and he's still purple. It's so deep; It's probably undiluted garment dye," said Rudiger. "I hope it ends well for him, but he seems to be doing really well."


Plenty of animal lovers are lining up to take him in and give him the home he so desperately deserves, but it'll take some more time before he's ready to get adtoped.
Smurf went through horrible conditions but his spirit was never broken. He has hope that he can find a life of love. 

via : iizcat

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