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Nobody wanted these 3 blind cats, but this woman fell in love

Meet big brother Blue and his sisters Meadow and Little Willow, a family of three blind cats that just got adopted by the new head of the family Catherine Magno.


Just before Christmas in 2014, these three were kittens abandoned in a warehouse in Dubai. By then they’d already lost their sight due to a cat flu that was left untreated by their previous owner.
They spent some time in a foster home, and big brother Blue was almost adopted, but he cried all night searching for his sisters. 


“Big brother Blue was fostered by their previous guardian’s neighbor but the kitten cried all night looking for his sisters, so he was given back," Catherine shared with Bored Panda


They stayed in foster care, and were passed up by many who thought this package deal was just a bit too much to handle. 
Then in February of 2015, Catherine found their story and fell in love. “Their story touched my heart so much that I couldn’t bear the thought of them put in a cage at a vet facility."


“That evening when I took them back home I had to keep them enclosed… within my apartment.”


“I was scared because the articles I read about caring for blind pets was overwhelming. My perception was that it’s going to… be challenging.”


“But they quickly learned their way around my apartment [and] memorized where every bit of furniture is.”


“Except for blind pets lacking vision, they are no different than other cats.”


“They each have their own personalities. But equally affectionate and wanting constantly to be by your side.”


“With proper introduction, they get along with other cats just as well as sighted cats.”


“I wanted to bring awareness that they really are just like any other cats.”


“And it’s true what they say about blind pets – they see through their hearts.”


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