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Man saw a kitten fall from a bridge and rushed to save her... you have to see her now!

This is what love can do. 
A man saw a kitten fall from a bridge and rushed to her rescue. A year later, she's looking great! (Scroll down for video)

kitten hiding in bushes
Uzu and Nene Channel

In September of last year, a man was taking a walk by the river when he saw something small fall off the bridge above him.
He rushed to find a calico kitten cowering in the bushes. He pulled her out and placed her on the ground, and that's when he found that her hind legs were paralyzed. 
He tried to calm the kitten with soothing words and pets. He knew right away that this kitten was going to come home with him. 

kitten lying on the ground
Uzu and Nene Channel

He got her the medical attention she needed and started caring for her around the clock.  The little kitten was named Nene.

kitten recovering in a box in her new home
Uzu and Nene Channel

Nene was a bit scared in her new home. She was frail and weak, but after scarfing down a bowl of kitten food, she started to look a little better.
Uzu, the friendly resident cat, came to meet her new sister. 

uzu meeting nene
Uzu and Nene Channel

The next day, the river flooded the area where the kitten was found. If he hadn't been taking a stroll that day, he never would have seen Nene nor had a chance to rescue her. 
It was as if he was meant to save this kitten's life. 
After a few days, Nene started to come around, and soon trusted Uzu as her new big sister. 

nene cuddling with uzu
Uzu and Nene Channel

The two became inseparable, and the man officially adopted Nene as his own.
Knowing that she was now in a loving home, Nene's recovery sped up miraculously. 
She regained feeling in her legs and muscle strength to help her stand and even walk. Uzu played with her every day to keep her active around the house.

uzu and nene posing for the camera
Uzu and Nene Channel

A year after the rescue... Nene has nearly gained full function her hind legs again. She can hop around into her cat tree and play with Uzu like a perfectly healthy kitty.
What difference love can make!

Nene and uzu a year after the rescue
Uzu and Nene Channel

Watch the video below!

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