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Kitten rejected for being "too ugly" finally found by someone who saw his inner beauty

Little Romeo was born with a deformity which caused him to look a bit different, but the ginger boy is just as playful and affectionate as any other cat.

Sadly, due to his deformity, Romeo was passed over countless times. Nobody wanted to give him a home, and it almost seemed like Romeo knew that he was being rejected because he looked a little different. He was getting used to not ever being able to call a place home.
Then one day, the kind folks at Santuario CompasiĆ³n Animal (an animal sanctuary in Spain) learned about this special little guy and knew just the perfect home for him.

"While we were headed to a rescue we dealt with the case of this kitten whose appearance was different from the other cats and that's why the whole world rejected him," Santuario CompasiĆ³n Animal said.  
"They told us that no one wanted him because he was ugly. But for us Romeo is not ugly, he's a lovely little kitten who likes to play like the rest of the cats. And their differences make them special."

romeo playing with a ball

Romeo is now loving his new life in his new home!
He's given all the love and attention he can handle. He finally found humans that will love him just the way he is.
Watch the video below!

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source : iizcat

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