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Kitten Left Behind in Trailer Park After Birth Fights to Live, Now Purrs Like Motor​

A tiny kitten was left behind after she was born in a trailer park. With eyes still closed, the little miniature baby fought with all her might to live.

Meet Ember the kitten.

When little Ember was born, she had to fight for survival. Her will to live was so strong that it carried her through.

Her mother was a feral cat running around a trailer park. The elusive feline got pregnant, and when she went into labor, she was not ready for what was to come.

"When she started having kittens she freaked out and ran around the whole trailer park, dropping the kittens in random places and then abandoning them," Here Kitty Kitty Rescue, a rescue group in Elkhart, IN, told Love Meow.

"We were able to find three kittens, but two were already deceased. Ember must have had a strong will to live."

The tiny baby has a big heart too.

First few days at her foster home

"She was very weak. We aren't sure exactly how long she was lying outside alone," Here Kitty Kitty Rescue said. "The first few days were rough for her, but then she started to thrive."

Ember is very small for her age. At almost five weeks now, she only weighs around 12 oz. It's likely that her mother had little nutritional food to eat while she was pregnant.

"We are trying to TNR the mother cat," Here Kitty Kitty Rescue told Love Meow. "So this tragedy won't happen again."

Now little Ember is rolling around in pure happiness and can't get enough playtime with her furry kitten-sitter, a Goldendoodle Ginger, at her foster home.

"She is so happy and loves to purr. Her favorite thing to do is sit up by your face and rub all over you."

Ember is learning to play with toys, and listen to her PURR!

She maybe tiny, but this little tabby gal has the heart of a lioness.

via :lovemeow

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