Senin, 21 November 2016

Kitten Dropped Off To Be Euthanized And Now ...

Gozer was dropped off at the vet’s office to be euthanized because of an eye infection when he was only 3 weeks old.

The vets didn’t agree to euthanize the kitten and they found a kind human who felt in love with his sad eyes.

“We had just lost my boyfriend’s cat… and I thought it would help him to have another buddy.” said Gozer’s mom. “His eye infection turned out to be a chronic URI disease,” she said. The vets also found ringworm as he was losing hair on some spots. He was put under treatments and he was nursed back to health.

Now Goezer is two years old and he lives happy with his loving family. “He’s the weirdest cat I’ve ever had. My boyfriend calls him ‘change face’ because sometimes he looks like a different cat… He loves all dogs/cats/ferrets.” said Goezer’s mom.

via : lovemeow

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