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He rescued this kitty from a shelter, and days later, the kitty saved his life Read

Glen Schallman immediately felt a bond with this little black cat he saw at the shelter. But he had no idea how special he really was. 

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"This little boy and I bonded," Schallman told The Huffington Post. "He was meowing, trying to get the [shelter worker’s] attention, like, 'get me out of here!'"
Blake the cat had picked out his human, and Schallman knew he had to take him home right then and there. Little did he know that decision would save his life. 

via Glen Schallman

Schallman has a rare brain condition that causes severe seizures. 
“I’ve had seizures since I was about 5 years old,” Schallman said, explaining that seizures in his sleep can cause him to stop breathing. He’s woken up choking before, but fears such a seizure could result in his not waking up at all.
Days after he brought home Blake, he had a seizure while he was sleeping. Luckily for Schallman, Blake came to the rescue and woke him up by biting his toes. 
If Blake hadn’t bitten him, Schallman said, “I probably would not have woken up.”

via Glen Schallman

Blake already showed his unique ability to detect seizures coming before Schallman showed any symptons. 
When Schallman had smaller seizures, he said, “[Blake would] start patting me on my arm,” giving Schallman a look that seemed like, “Are you OK?”

via Glen Schallman

Blake will come to Schallman's side and pat at him to lay down on the ground for his own safety. 

via Glen Schallman

If it weren't for Blake, his human dad might have suffered the worse. 
"It was meant to be," Schallman said. 

via Glen Schallman

We think so too. :)

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