Rabu, 23 November 2016

Firefighters work 30 minutes to save cat trapped in Iowa house fire

Firefighters entered a burning house twice and then spent more than half an hour to save the life of Cleo the cat

Cleo the cat survived Monday thanks to three remarkably dedicated first responders.

Cleo was trapped in a house fire but no one knew exactly where she was.

Firefighters had to run inside the burning home twice before finally discovering her in the basement.

Cleo was “unresponsive and not breathing,” according to a Facebook post by the Ames Fire Department.

The post says, “Cleo appeared lifeless as firefighters rushed to help her breathe, using a specialized oxygen mask for animals.”

Firefighters worked for more than half an hour to save Cleo’s life, during which time she slowly regained consciousness and started meowing and breathing on her own.

Ames firefighters Tim Hansen and Steve Buser, along with Ames Police Sgt. Joel Congdon, are credited for the rescue.

Cleo was taken to the Iowa State University Veterinary Medicine emergency room where she continues to improve.

“Cleo has regained full neurological function, and is still being treated for respiratory issues but is expected to do well,” according to the Ames Fire Department.

“We wish the family the best!”

via : wkrn.com

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