Rabu, 16 November 2016

Abandoned blind cat finds new home and is the respected Godfather among the other pets

He's blind but this rescue kitty doesn't let that slow him down!

Nimh was found abandoned and blind at 5 weeks old. Now at 2.5 years, he's loving life!
Despite his lack of vision, he can navigate just find. He uses his sense of smell and touch to map out a room. Once he feels comfortable, he can move around just like any other "normal" kitty.
Nimh loves humans and even the dogs look up to him. He's the "Godfather" around the house! The other cats and even dogs give him respect. 
"My blind cat walks on a harness and lead like a dog, then climbs people to give them a hug," his human wrote

What’s better than owning one blind cat? owning two!  Nimh watches over him. 

He hangs out with dogs like he's one of them. Like a boss!

Just hanging out with the Godfather!


Cats with special needs need homes too and they make great additions to your family!

via : iizcat

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